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The Registration "Cheer" is not currently available.


Practices will be Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesday  for the month of August from 6pm- 8:00 pm @ Goldbacks Youth Football Field at 90 Cedar Avenue , New Windsor.  Practices will be only Tuesdays and Wednesdays (subject to change)  for the months of September to mid November 6-7:30. Once the weather changes we move to an indoor facility and the times may vary. There would be multiple sessions as the indoor space is small and can get very loud. Times would generally be starting at 5:30pm and possibly run until 8:30pm. IF YOUR CHILD MISSES A PRACTICE DURING THE WEEK THEY ARE TO SIT OUT FOR THAT WEEKENDS GAME. They can attend in full uniform and support their team but must sit on sidelines.

For the month of August your child must attend 75% of practices for the month in order to attend the 1st game of the season. So if your child misses 4 or more practices in the month of August they will be asked to sit on the sidelines for that game.

If weather is an issue practice will be moved indoors to Maximum fitness gym. The call will be made by 4:00pm the latest if practice is moved or canceled for any reason.

Your child is to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers to practices. NO BOOTS, HIGH HEELS, JEANS OR ANY RESTRICTING CLOTHING.

The sneakers you purchase are to be worn only for games and cheer fest. If you would like to order additional sneakers for practice that option is available


Home games are on Saturdays @ NFA's Academy Field.

Away games are either Saturdays but mostly Sundays. 

You are to arrive 1 hour before game start time. Invest in a bag to keep all uniform pieces with you. Weather changes and we might need to add or take off articles of clothing. NO EATING IN UNIFORM,  BRING  A CHANGE OF CLOTHES TO GAMES.

cost of registration:

$190 per cheerleader.  This includes shoes and bow for you to keep. 


Mighty Mites- ages 5,6,7 ( kindergarten,1st & 2nd grade)

Division 1-  ages 8 & 9 (3rd & 4th grade)

Division 2- ages 10 & 11 (5th & 6th grade)

Division 3- ages 12 & 13 (7th & 8th grade)

This goes by what grade your child is in that seasons September and or what age they are by Nov 31st.

Divisions can be combine depending on registration numbers.

*Game schedules are handed out mid August.

*Cheer fest is usually first weekend of November.

*Children MUST attend ALL practices the week before Cheerfest.

*We use the SportsEngine APP as a form of communication. It is split up for each division so you are able to communicate with your coach.


Your child is provided shell, skirt, undershirt, bloomers, jacket, and pants.  

uniform purchase option:

The option to buy your uniform is available, just let the director know at uniform fitting.

Uniform purchase - $125.00

Shell- $24.00

Skirt- $24.00






The Registration "Cheer" is not currently available.